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So, I got the chance to go to this amazing concert!

I tried to recall everything I could remember and wow, this is lengthy. Please bear with me xD;;

It was so memorable because they really gave their best. They were so into the performances. I'm very impressed with how they presented themselves. Yonghwa was extremely playful. He carried the responsibility to pump up the crowds and he sure was great at that. He kept running around, went behind Jungshin and Jonghyun with cheeky grins, and trying to disturb them. Jungshin's hair was beautiful! lol Oh hi, I haven't introduced myself yet. How inconsiderate of me haha I'm Faye and I'm Jungshin biased xD I was determined to see his epic hair flips and it turned out that I got more than that… Jungshin did A LOT of headbanging (I even unknowingly uttered 'Hey, calm down!' lol) and dude, those long, long legs… Jonghyun was rather quiet but he poured his emotions into the songs. He sang Voice with full of energy then he was calm when it came to ballad songs. He was very charming and his voice rang through the arena as if we were struck by the spell. Minhyuk was far back but I could see his drumming movement very clearly. He also did a lot of awesome drumming during and in between songs. I really really love his energy during those times.

A lot of songs in this concert were being arranged in some ways or another. Yonghwa was singing in different keys in some, there were extended Jonghyun's guitar solos and some parts of the songs were being altered.

I love how they didn't have a translator for this concert. They tried to communicate and introduce songs directly to us. Their English was adorable xD I think that their Thai pronunciation is really good as well~

(I heard they came to the venue since noon to set up the instruments, check the sound and light themselves.)

[This fanaccount may not be in order. I knew all the songs played in the concert but the order may not be exact. I was too absorbed I can't remember what came first or what after correctly ; _ ;]


Ready 'n Go


Love Girl

The opening song was Intuition of course. Once it came to Voice, I thought I was going to die. I'm really really biased towards this song, excuse me. Just the first section and I was already tired from jumping a lot lol They made us do the wave before they introduced Love Girl by making us shout L, O, V, E a few times.

"Kid tung pom mai kab? (Do you miss me?)"

"Finally, we are here in… Bangkok!"

Then they introduced themselves. Just like the fanmeeting two years ago. Their pronunciation is really good xD Jungshin then said this long sentence in English "We are excited to have our first concert. The first time to have our own concert. Are you excited too?" Minhyuk also said something but the fans were screaming very loud for him so I couldn't figure it out exactly *-* It was along the line of "We will show everything to you so you'll show everything to us, okay?" Jonghyun said a bit but his accent was very thick, plus the fans' scream, so I'm sorry orz

Yonghwa took over with "When I say 'Hello Bangkok, you say 'Hello CNBLUE' okay?"

"Next is Jonghyun's song, Rain Of Blessing"

Then Yonghwa passed the spotlight to Jonghyun and his ballads.

Rain Of Blessing

Y, Why…

사랑은 비를 타고

그럴 겁니다... 잊을 겁니다...

Seriously, Jonghyun was stunning. His voice was soothing and totally calm during these ballads. Especially when Yonghwa joined in for harmonization, that was heaven right there. Their voices really complement each other.

Yonghwa's singing Y, Why… was full with emotions. He was really into it… like mumbling something I couldn't make them out… xD;; I love the arrangement they did to this song :)

I was already tearing up at Rain is Blessing and I felt my own tears by the end of 그럴겁니다... 잊을 겁니다...

Then they moved on to the rock part of the concert.

[Insert Yonghwa's epic crowds-pumping here! lol]

Just Please

One Time


Lets Go Crazy

Now or Never


Love Revolution

Jungshin sang the first half of Let's Go Crazy! Together with Yonghwa constantly tried to disturb him by standing behind xD Jonghyun then sang another half and yes, Yonghwa disturbed him in the same way lol

Here comes the highlight of the concert for me…

"Do You know Where you are? Do you know Get Away? Lets go!"

Get Away

Where you are

In My Head

I was just too shocked to even say anything. I WANTED TO SEE THESE SONGS LIVE SO MUCH AND I JUST COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. They performed Get Away first, much to my surprise. It was good! Followed by Where You Are. I just couldn't explain how much I love their Japanese songs.

Okay, I made a mistake with the 'I'm hot' post earlier xD;; It didn't happened after One Time but after Where You Are.

Yonghwa said "I'm hot." Well, to be quite honest, I really thought he meant that he's hot haha Then he pointed to Jungshin and asked "How about you?" Jungshin then said "I'm… hot.", not looking at the audience. He whispered the word 'hot' and looked a bit shy. (I died for the nth time.) Yonghwa then pointed to Jonghyun with "Are you hot?" Jonghyun didn't show any special response. He just answered casually with straight face and nodding "I'm hot." But of course, every 'hot' that came out of them caused such explosive reactions from the fans xD When it was Minhyuk's turn, he said (in a surprisingly deep voice!) "I'm… very hot." Now that was the best answer xD He didn't know what he just did to the fans, did he? lol

Yonghwa began introduce the 'last' song "Next song is… pfft.It seemed like his teeth knocked the mic? lol He smiled a bit then acted as if he was really sad and almost in tears. It was pretty convincing but I swear he was acting… lol A really good actor lol

"Bangkok… In my head."






So I totally sacrificed my throat for these songs. I was already jumping my head off since Get Away lol They basically tortured me by performing these three songs in a row. Good job CNBLUE, I love you xD

Get Away fancam cr:burning900515

Where You Are fancam cr:zfreeziez




 내게 반했어


When CNBLUE appeared on the stage again for the encore, we put up the sign which says "다죽자!". CNBLUE's slogan had filled the arena. Yonghwa squinted his eyes and asked the lights to be shone to the audiences then he look very surprised! (I saw his surprise expression and my heart skipped a beat. I felt touched instead lol) Then he guided us to shout it out. Jungshin then said "Kob-kun-kab (Thank you)"

The audiences could sing along to 외톨이야 and it was really loud. So they let us sing a lot of parts lol

Then he said that the next song was the last. Once the audiences showed dissatisfaction, Yonghwa slowly said in English "We can meet again… in near future… I promise! Thank you." Okay, its a promise! I can't help but to feel excited. Then he introduced the song by asking "You know Heartstrings?" So it was  내게 반했어. Jungshin sang the first verse of the song! He did a good job this time~ Yonghwa was so cheeky. He was making many kind of faces including a bit of cute acts lol He changed the lyrics into "I love Bangkok" a lot of times. It was really a blast!

The actual last song of the night was Love Light. He said "This song is… for you!"

Originally, the silver stars were meant to be waved in Minhyuk's "별" but the song list was changed, so we did it in Love Light instead. [I'm not sure about this. This is what I heard from my friend afterwards as I might miss this small part.] Yonghwa pointed to the audiences and said "Dao…" which is "Star…"

They threw guitar picks, towels and drumsticks. The concert ended with them disappearing behind the stage for the fanmeeting afterwards and 고마워요 was playing. As much as I want them to performed this song or, I'm still content with everything. As a person who looking forward to this day a lot, I hugged my friend and yeah, I cried. I cried as if I haven't cried for 5 years or in ages. Seriously. (But it felt really good when I got to let it out lol) This concert was amazing. I have no disappointment in anything. CNBLUE, the concert, the fans… they were all perfect. CNBLUE on the stage, they can turn whoever into a fan. They're gonna make you love them even more than you already are. If you guys ever get the chance, don't miss it. Go. Don't even hesitate!

Exactly the same as what I used to say about the fanmeeting back then. This time is even more overwhelming. Thank you CNBLUE for making my life worth living, for a concert like this, and I'll live on for the next one.

–Faye, 25th February 2012

*Anyone who read the whole thing, I'm sorry for making you read my drunken fanaccount lol I hope it illustrates the atmosphere and what was happening in the concert well~

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