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you are like the star.

내 마음 별과 같이

It's true that I do feel like something is still lacking in your performances, although I loved every single bit of them. In a span of four performances, I can even tell the differences that each stage possessed. But, one thing that remains the same is your visible love for singing; the need to go up to the stage and sing your heart out.
Sing your heart out is exactly what you did. You let out everything you have to say about each song through your voice. As a perfectionist like you are, of course you tried your best, hitting every note like your life depends on it. That's also when I realized that everytime you sing, it is because you honestly love what you're doing. You sing for yourself to be heard. You let your passion out, wishing for listeners to be able to gasp at least a little bit of it.
A performance can be observed in two ways: one, as an audience who expects the enjoyment and two, as an audience who wants to understand the performers. I've always been a little bit of both, but more to the second type. I feel you. I notice the flaws. But, that is exactly why I am able to think that your performances are so beautiful.
It's not right to compare you to a certain 'greasy tree' just like that. Woohyun has low, husky voice, top with stage presence that get the audience going. Personality plays a very big role in this. But you, on the other hand, has the voice. You know your voice and you have the ability to convey emotions the way you know best. I couldn't be anymore thankful for that.
What you did so far on Immortal Song 2 is spectacular, at least for me. I know you don't stand on that stage entirely to win. I don't expect you to anyway. You just love what you're doing. That's enough to make a performance worth watching :)
yes, i'm talking about you, kim sunggyu.
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