Saeki;Faye (saetenshi) wrote,

drawing, drawing, and drawing.

I do wish I could get to do what I like all the time. Drawing, graphics designing and stuffs like that. It doesn't help much brooding over this because I'm already a senior in Computer Engineering. How could I even survived this far anyway!? lol

The bad thing is... I feel like my photoshop skills have deteriorated lol I really love to edit things but I realized that I always lean towards simplicity. Actually, its not like I couldn't do complicated things I've done in the past but I've come to appreciate the simplicity of things, i guess~

I just wanna leave this here because I feel really proud of it haha~

I wish I could spend more time with a mouse tablet and not being busy with university all the time lol
(Dream on! xD;;)

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